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New Practice Members at Bryn Mawr Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a drug free approach to health care that uses the body’s natural healing energy to address the issues that bring people in.  We focus on rebuilding your natural reserves while coaching you to make wise and healthy decisions.  Welcome to the way of the future:  less drugs and more control over your own health!


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Your First Visit

Expect to spend about 40-60 minutes for your first visit to our Bryn Mawr chiropractic office. You will start by filingl out an in-depth history form, the first step in my getting to know you and your health issues.  This is followed by a consultation, where you and I discuss the state of your health.

Next is a comprehensive computerized and physical exam.  The computerized exam is noninvasive and painless.  It consists of 3 scans that look for hidden stresses that may be impacting your health and interfering with your body’s ability to recover from your injuries.  The information from these 3 scans is combined to give you your Core Score – a biomarker for how effectively your nerve system is running your body.

After the computer exam, I conduct a chiropractic physical exam where I examine your spinal joints, posture, and muscle strength.

Schedule Your Second Visit Report of Findings

Since I like to take some time to look over your results and their implications, I will schedule you for a 2nd visit. At that time I will explain what is going on with you, if I can help and how, and give you several options for care. The cost of this 2nd visit consultation is included in the charge for your initial exam.  If you decide to start care on this 2nd visit, you will need to pay for this.

Our policy is to start treating you on the 2nd visit, after I have reviewed your exam findings and explained them and your care options to you.  However, if you are in severe pain and would like some initial chiropractic first aid on this first visit, we can do that.

If I believe you need x-rays or other imaging diagnostics, I will refer you to a medical radiology center located close to our office.

Schedule Your Appointment

Give our Bryn Mawr chiropractic practice a call today and start being your best!


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