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Minneapolis Chiropractor for Natural Healing

At Bryn Mawr Chiropractic, we take a drugless approach to health care that uses the body's natural healing energy to address the issues that bring people in. We focus on rebuilding your natural reserves while coaching you to make wise and healthy decisions. Welcome to the way of the future: less drugs and more control of your health!

Your Core Score

Find out your core scoreDuring your first visit, we’ll conduct an exam to determine your CORE SCORE. Your core is designed in two parts. Many are familiar with the first part that is situated around your waist – this is your support core. The second is your brain and its nerves, which run vertically through your body like the core of an apple – this is your communication core. Your score tells us how much interference is in this 2nd core. If significant, this can limit your body’s ability to recover from your health problem, as well as negatively affect your overall health & vitality.

Dr. Carr