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CORE SCORE at Bryn Mawr Chiropractic

Your Core is Designed in Two Parts

The first part is situated around your waist and is referred to as your support core. It keeps you balanced and upright. Your second core is like the core of an apple. It runs through the center of your body and is referred to as your communication core. This part of your core keeps you alive, healthy and vital.

The computer scans in our clinic consist of two tests on your spinal nerves and one that looks at your heart rhythms. These three tests are specially designed to detect patterns of long-standing, hidden stress that are affecting your health and comfort. All the data from these tests is put together and then complex calculations are made to create your Core Score.
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Scale shows Core ScoresThink about where you believe your health is and where you would like to be. How long do you think it will take to get to where you want? What things might you need to change to reach your goal?
Your score tells us how much interference is in your communication core and how I can better help you feel your best.
  • A low score tells me that your body isn’t keeping up with day to day stresses. We are all susceptible to the effects of old injuries, poor diets, medication usage and emotional strain. These stresses build up over time and begin to overload our systems. Eventually our recovery-reserve is affected.
  • A higher score will mean that your body is building up more reserves to manage stress and to heal itself. Think of your reserve and this score as if you were looking at the battery level of your cell phone. The more charge you have in your battery, the higher your recovery-reserve will be.

To make all of this more accessible and to help you explain these test results and your chiropractic care to your family and friends, we have put your results in a secure website that only you can access. When you log in, you’ll get to review your test scores and read about how chiropractic can help you get better, stay well and feel alive again.

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