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Nutritional Therapy in Minneapolis

Two Aspects – Supplement Recommendation and Dietary Advice

About Supplement recommendations:

bowl of natural nutritional supplementsAt Bryn Mawr Chiropractic in Minneapolis, we customize our supplement recommendations. Why do people sometimes need to use nutritional supplelments?  Often when there is an injury or other health problem, the body has a need for specific ingredients in amounts you are not getting from your normal diet, to support optimal healing.

We recommend these because your body does 99% of its healing when you are not in this clinic being treated. Although there are standard clinical protocols for specific health problems regarding what supplements and what dosage you need, we take it one step further. We start with this, but then use the tool of applied kinesiology to “ask” your body what and how much you need of a certain supplement at that point in time.

Everyone is an individual with a unique body chemistry – one size does not fit all in regard to supplementation. In addition, what you need and the dosage you need changes over time. For example, the dosage you need for a certain supplement right after the injury may be much more then you need after two weeks into care.

We can also help you with questions you might have about your diet, especially if aspects of it may be contributing to the health condition(s) that brought you in here.


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